Dara Gremath

A former adventurer and part of Harkenwold's resistance


Late 30s, red hair tied behind her. Dressed in light leather armor and a hooded cloak, with a bow at her back and a long knife on her belt. Generally has a relaxed manner, scrutinizing gaze.


Dara had her share of adventures as the thief in a party of treasure seekers, but she retired from those exploits years ago. She’s lived a comfortable life as one of the wealthier people in Albridge. She’s an occasional dealer in jewels and antiquities, and she has a reputation in the community as a reliable help when difficult situations arise.

When the Iron Circle invaded, Dara quickly fell in with Harkenwold’s militia, providing leadership and support as eyes and ears for the resistance.

Dara was one of Ironsbane’s earliest contacts in the Harkenwold, assisting them at various times and urging them to unite the valley’s disparate peoples against the Iron Circle. She was part of the final assault on the Iron Keep by the druids and various Harken villagers, which occupied the enemy long enough for Ironsbane to find and kill Nazin Redthorn.

Dara Gremath

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