Mae Blackstar


Race: Eladrin
Class: Wizard (Evocation school)
Alignment: Unaligned
Appearance: Long white hair and striking green eyes


An intensely focused wizard raised by nobility. Mae has left the Feywild against the wishes of her foster father, seeking a lost loved one.

Mae pursues her goals with intensity, focus, and composure. While unfailingly loyal to those who have gained her trust, that trust is given rarely in a world she perceives as filled with greed and deceit, and she often displays an Eladrin’s detachment from the troubles of others.

Party Connections

Mae is good friends with Valdar, who was frequently a guest of her family during her formative years as part of diplomatic embassies by the clerics of Bahamut.

Mae may have vague memories of Hazel from the incident three years ago when the pixie and her partner were contracted to spy on the Blackstar household, and Gildon ended up rescuing Hazel after her partner’s betrayal.

Mae Blackstar

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