The Second Dawn

Flight and Portents

Gaining insights from the druids

2.4 in Reavers of Harkenwold

Campaign Date: May 22, 168

In the nick of time, Ironsbane is rescued by Osric and his druids, and the group flees through the wilderness. Osric explains that the death knights and assassin are surely the minions of Golbez, and they have stolen back the necromantic skull taken from Malareth. Before they reach safety, the party is ambushed by a group of Iron Circle soldiers, including an adept who sets fire to a wagon blocking their path. The heroes manage to fight their way out, just in time to escape the death knight that is still on their heels and reach a strange stone portal leading to the druids’ grove.

Osric reveals that the druids had nothing to do with the attack on the Iron Circle, but that weapons they crafted did, pointing to a possible traitor in the Harkenwold government or militia. The party also discovers that Rain and Brock Marwood have come to the druids for help with Rain’s distressing visions. Reithann, the druids’ elder, reveals these visions and other portents indicate a threatening cataclysm involving the weakening barriers between the planes, which could result in destruction on a scale with the Dawn War. Through a ritual of selection, Nadarr receives the blessing of a primal spirit and is named a Stormrider of the Druids, accepting the charge to discover the origins of this threat to the world.

Receiving gifts from Osric, as well as an embroidered battle standard with the symbol of Ironsbane from Rain, the party departs the grove to return to Tarkan in Albridge, then to seek Viselle Stockmer in Dardun, which the druids have revealed as her hiding place.



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