The Second Dawn

How to Help the Harkenwold

Becoming heroes for a land in need

2.2 in Reavers of Harkenwold

Campaign Date: May 19, 168

The party is on their way to the River House Inn to make contact with the Harkenwold resistance, when by luck they encounter resistance member Dara Gremath. After hearing of their deeds at Ilyana’s steading, the roguish woman agrees to lead them to her comrades. But first, the party’s two Iron Circle prisoners must be dealt with. Blackstar takes the opportunity to create a distraction as well, magically charming the brigands into starting a tavern brawl over her while the heroes quietly follow Dara through a secret passage.

They emerge in the resistance’s lair in Albridge, where they are questioned by the humorless Tarkan Brel, leader of the resistance and paladin of Erathis. Tarkan blames the primal peoples of the Harkenwold for the Iron Circle’s occupation, saying the druids provoked them with an attack. He sees a use for the heroes, agreeing to reveal what he knows of Traevus and Viselle Stockmer if they will act against the Iron Circle to build a heroic image the people can rally around.

While the party ponders the proposal, Dara arranges to meet them privately, explaining her view that the people of the Harken barony must unite with the primal peoples if they hope to repel the invaders. She requests a different task of the heroes: To travel to the refuge of Edan’s elven kin and ask for their assistance. After debate, the party decides to fulfill Tarkan’s request first, and they make the conquered watchtower of Tor’s Hold their first target. To prepare for their theatrical heroics, they take a party name: Ironsbane.



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