The Second Dawn

Leaving a Mark

Stirring hope in the Harkenwold with heroic acts

2.3 in Reavers of Harkenwold

Campaign Date: May 21, 168

The newly christened Ironsbane sets out to strike at the Iron Circle. Nerisora manages to steal a chest of loot out from under the noses of the Albridge garrison, leaving Ironsbane’s symbol as a calling card. Valdar infiltrates a stockade of prisoners and creates a diversion allowing the party to free them. The heroes use a ruse to drive an Iron Circle caravan off the road and destroy them. Support, recruitment and funds for the Albridge resistance increase, and the name of Ironsbane begins to spread.

In their sorties, the party discovers evidence that the Iron Circle has powerful new allies – allies that include the undead. Nevertheless, they press on with plans for their most difficult strike – re-taking the watchtower of Tor’s Hold. They attack during the night, and almost immediately their plans go awry when patrolling guards detect them.

Pinned down in the dark, the heroes manage to deal with most of the Iron Circle forces, including a rampaging rage drake, while weathering the onslaught of a dark adept atop the tower. But the tide turns when a mysterious hooded figure and a death knight emerge. Nerisora is wounded nearly fatally, and several other party members are seriously injured as well. When it looks as if this will be Ironsbane’s final fight, the timely arrival of Osric and a band of druids saves them and provides a chance for escape.



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