The Second Dawn

The Baron's Daughter

Aiding the Harkenwold's leader

2.5 in Reavers of Harkenwold

Campaign Date: May 28, 168

Ironsbane arrives in the town of Dardun, hoping to finally find and warn Viselle Stockmer of her peril, but the first sight that meets their eyes is Traevus. Complicating matters is the fact that the merchant is instantly welcoming and friendly to the party, and he also seems to be a valued figure in the town’s relief efforts toward Harkenwold refugees. Traevus has an explanation for everything the heroes have discovered about him, and the town leader, Lirr, makes it clear he will tolerate no hostilities. Everyone denies Viselle’s presence in the town.

The party’s trust in Traevus has not increased, and as they work as new hires for the relief effort over the next two days, they keep a careful eye and ear out. Finally, they decide to take matters with Traevus into their own hands. They pick the lock of his cottage and attempt to blast him with an Instant Friends charm to get information from him, but it fails. The heroes soon find themselves arrested by Lirr’s guards and locked in the town guard tower.

Fortunes change with the arrival of Viselle herself, who releases the party and allows Valdar to examine Lien, a sick elf friend she has brought into town. The girl needs medicine made from bloodcap mushrooms to save her, which can be found in the nearby, and dangerous, Toadswallow Caverns. Ironsbane accepts the quest and enters the caverns in search of the ingredient. After a harrowing battle with bullywugs, oozes, and a giant frog that nearly succeeds in eating Valdar, they emerge with enough for a full dose of the medicine.



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