The Second Dawn

The Iron Circle Breaks

3.6 in Deliverance of Harkenwold

Campaign Date, June 9, 168

With the dawn of a new day, and Iron Circle troops possibly searching for intruders, the party expects heavy resistance as they prepare for their final assault on the Iron Keep. But the sudden and explosive arrival of Dara and the Harkenwold druids turns the tide in the heroes’ favor, with the bulk of the enemy’s forces occupied repelling the new assailants. Ironsbane moves quickly to storm the main tower, fighting their way through guards and up to the lord’s chambers.

Nazin Redthorn is already waiting for them, with a captive and battered Baron Stockmer and a slew of bodyguards. A bloody confrontation ensues, during which Redthorn both taunts Hazel by alluding to her mercenary nature, and also makes a shocking revelation: that Baron Stockmer himself is behind the staged druid attack on the Iron Circle that drew their retaliation. Hazel delivers the final blow to Redthorn herself, and in the aftermath, Stockmer reluctantly admits his guilt to Viselle. Stockmer desperately offers a reward to the heroes in exchange for restraining his daughter and allowing him to escape, but they refuse. The day ends in victory, with the remaining Iron Circle rabble surrendering, and with the Harkenwold baron himself in chains yet again.



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