Race: Dwarf
Class: Warden
Alignment: Good


Badab grew up in the prominent dwarven community in the great city of Hammerfast. But eventually he forsook this life in favor of the wilderness ways of those who commune with primal spirits. Badab took up residence in the White Ash Enclave, an increasingly powerful community making its home in the forests outside the city. There he made a reputation for himself as one of the most skilled wardens and trackers in the enclave. Still enjoying a rapport with the people of his own city, he has often been hired by the townsfolk of Hammerfast when only the tracking abilities of an enclave member will do. Most recently, Badab was hired by Arayalis, a noble of the city and a trusted friend to find his daughter, Tinya. While Arayalis was reluctant to believe it, he had reason to believe Tinya had fallen under the influence of the cult of Tiamat, whose dark shadow has grown longer in Hammerast lately. Badab followed the Tiamat band that Tinya was suspected of being part of to the Harkenwold, where he fell in with Ironsbane. He was killed in battle in the capital city of Harken.


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