An evil lich, conqueror of Zalbag’s homeland of Ivalice. Golbez kidnapped Zalbag’s sister, Rose, in his assault.

His activities after Zalbag’s flight were long unknown, but after Zalbag fell in with the other members of Ironsbane, the lich’s name quickly became all too familiar. The Tiamat cultist Traevus’s pursuit of a spell for separating a soul from its body seemed to be in service of Golbez, if not by his approval. Ironsbane encountered undead minions of Golbez, apparently pursuing Traevus, during their journeys in the Harkenwold, led by a changeling assassin that at first took the form of a seemingly brainwashed Rose Mistron.

Rose’s name was on a list of kidnapping targets that included some women known to have been captured by the cult of Tiamat. After the heroes saved Viselle Stockmer from abduction by these same cultists, she was re-captured by Golbez’s changeling assassin working with the Iron Circle. The changeling subjected to a kind of mental probing by a distant entity, though it is unknown whether this was Golbez.

Golbez’s forces are in possession of a mysterious necromantic skull that originated from the Astral Sea and has unknown power.

Golbez’s connection with the cult of Tiamat is still unclear, as is his purpose in the hunt for Rose, Viselle and Mae Blackstar.


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