Race: Dragonborn
Class: Fighter
Alignment: Unaligned
Appearance: 7 feet tall with ruddy skin and yellow eyes


Title: Stormrider of the Druids

A fearsome and devastating warrior who lets nothing stand in his way, both hunter and hunted in his mission of vengeance. Nadarr has worked tirelessly to hone his combat prowess, all so he can find and punish the shadowy sect that shattered his clan.

Nadarr is fierce in his resolve and overpowering in his demeanor. He has little use for pleasantries or pretense, and less for bureaucratic rules. While he considers Dragonborn to be superior to the other races of the world, he nevertheless believes strongly in the responsibility of the strong to champion the weak. The burden of his personal quest, however, leads him toward selfish rationalizations more often than he admits to himself.

Nadarr’s spirit animal companion, a black mastiff, is named Balto.

Party Connections

Nadarr is a stranger to the other party members. He has joined for a stake in the group’s profit and for the chance of exploring the world’s more dangerous locations for clues in his own quest.

Campaign Notes

Nadarr accepted the responsibilities that came with a druid ceremony giving him the title Stormrider. He is obligated to investigate the current threat to the world and stop it if he can.


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