Race: Human


Traevus was a traveling merchant who met Valdar and Zalbag during a goblin raid in which a valuable box of his was stolen. He enlisted the adventurers to find and retrieve it from the necromancer Malareth.

Revelations from the druid Osric indicated Traevus wasn’t all he seemed. He was apparently an acquaintance of Malareth who commissioned the necromancer’s research into a dark spell before the negotiations soured. The box Traevus lost was discovered to contain a foul necromantic skull – a dangerous artifact of dark magic.

The party’s investigations in Fallcrest revealed several details about Traevus: He was apparently involved with the cult of Tiamat, and he stole the necromantic skull from the lich Golbez, whose minions were subsequently on the hunt for him.

Among the things Traevus left behind in his haste was a list of girls’ names alongside what have been determined to be dates of past or intended abductions.

The party’s search for Traevus led them to the Harkenwold, where they found him seemingly assisting the resistance against the Iron Circle. He was exposed as a member of the cult of Tiamat, however, and nearly succeeded in kidnapping Viselle Stockmer before being stopped by the heroes.

Traevus was taken prisoner by Golbez’s changeling minion and the Iron Circle. After being found by the party in a dungeon beneath the Iron Keep, he revealed a few key details about his master before being killed by the changeling.


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