Race: Human
Class: Cleric (Sun domain)
Alignment: Lawful Good
Deity: Bahamut
Appearance: Short and tan, with brown hair


A devoted cleric of Bahamut who is reserved and contemplative. He travels the land seeking out and fighting evil, continuing the legacy of his father, Valrain the Farsighted.

Valdar is well traveled and knowledgeable about much of the world, and yet is reserved in personal contact with others, having little experience at the forefront of diplomatic situations. He is devout in his observance of the tenets of Bahamut, and dedicated in his compassion for others. He shows wisdom enough to withhold his judgment about anything until it is required, and to seek a peaceful solution to any conflict before resorting to violence.

Party Connections

Valdar is good friends with Mae, owing to his frequent visits to her family as part of diplomatic embassies by the clerics of Bahamut to the Feywild.

He is previously acquainted with Zalbag as well, due to his diplomatic ties and a common service to Bahamut.


The Second Dawn Valdar