Zalbag Mistron


Race: Human
Class: Blackguard (Fury)
Alignment: Good
Deity: Bahamut
Appearance: Tall and strong, with blond hair


A valiant paladin of Bahamut, strong-willed but compassionate.

Born to a life of privilege as the prince and heir of the city-state of Ivalice, Zalbag has never been content with the idleness practiced by much of nobility. Dedicated always to the betterment of himself in both ability and character, he rose to the command of the Hokuten Knights – Ivalice’s paladin order devoted to Bahamut. Everything he had was taken away in a single day, however, when the lich Golbez and his legions invaded and overwhelmed his home. Though Zalbag would have fought to the death, his father ordered him teleported to safety against his will, along with his beloved sister, Rose. For her sake, he fled his conquered homeland. But the day’s sorrows were not over. Reaching into Zalbag’s very dreams while he slept, Golbez taunted him with despairing visions and the promise of a curse on his family. He awoke to find Rose had vanished without a trace. A prince now reduced to little more than a warrior for hire, he does what good he can, all the while grimly set on a purpose with small hope – to reclaim both his lost sister and his ravaged home. Now he is a prince in exile, ever burdened by the quest to restore his land. He wanders in the hope of reclaiming his lost life, helping those in need along the way.

Zalbag is unflinching in his code of piety and honor, rarely willing to disregard any just law, no matter the end. Despite his personal vendetta, his commitment to use his abilities in service of others does not falter. And while those abilities are considerable, he values the unique contributions of his allies as well, believing that no man triumphs by his own power alone.

Party Connections

Zalbag is acquainted with Valdar thanks to diplomatic embassies by the clerics of Bahamut. Equally devout and dedicated to ideals of compassion and justice, the two have a mutual respect.

Campaign Notes

The assassin of Golbez that entered Harkenwold in search of Traevus was revealed to be Rose, seemingly unaware of her former life and now dedicated to the lich. The shock of the revelation, and the now more urgent need to find her again, has driven him toward darker tendencies. He now puts his personal mission ahead of the greater good.

Zalbag Mistron

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