Reavers of Harkenwold Encounter EX5

Burning chapel played in 2.7, no combat


Level: 6 (Hard)
XP: 1596 (228 each)

XP for saving refugees from the chapel without combat: 175 (25 each)

Visibility: Rabble all have torches that cast bright light immediately around them, dim light everywhere else.

  • Assassin – Level 6 (250 XP)
  • 2 Iron Defenders – Level 4 (175 XP each)
  • 4 Iron Circle Cutthroats – Level 4 (175 XP each)
  • 8 Iron Circle Rabble – Level 3 (37 XP each)
  • Assassin
    • Always stays adjacent to someone; if necessary, her own allies
    • Extra damage with combat advantage
    • Poisoned attack with dart
    • Knock enemies down with bola
    • Triggered: Hide behind someone for superior cover when hit, and gain combat advantage.
  • Defenders
    • Always stay adjacent to allies and in a forward position
    • Triggered: Extra movement with opportunity attacks
    • Triggered: Guard allies with free attack against anyone attacking them
  • Cutthroats
    • Close up: Use Slasher’s Feint to get advantage
    • Far enough to move around: Gain concealment with Shadow Stride
    • Gain concealment with movement each turn
    • Extra damage with combat advantage with short sword
    • Gain combat advantage as minor action
  • Rabble
    • Stay in compact group
    • Bonus to defenses when adjacent to allies


  • The Iron Circle sets fire to the chapel immediately when attacked.
  • The enemies’ goal is to capture Traevus and Viselle. As soon as they capture one, the capturing enemy will immediately disengage, mount, and run.
  • Lien will do anything necessary to protect Viselle.
The Burning Chapel
  • 15 people are trapped in the chapel
  • The door is one of the first things to catch fire. Strength check DC 13 for one person to remove the barricade, and takes 5 fire damage.
  • Moderate Endurance check to enter and leave building during one move, or take 5 fire damage
  • At the beginning of each round, the fire grows bigger. After max size, the chapel collapses and everyone inside dies.
  • Two people trapped inside are already injured and must be carried out.
  • At the end of each round where the door is still barricaded, two people pass out, and anyone already passed out perishes.
  • Embankment is difficult terrain
  • Trees: 11 DC Athletics check to climb, concealment in tree, trunk provides cover
  • Chapel outer wall: Provides cover, 2 squares of movement to cross
  • Wells: 2d10 falling damage, DC 20 Athletics check to climb out
  • Breaking down doors: Strength DC 13, AC 5, FORT 10, 20 HP
  • Garden: Difficult terrain

Reavers of Harkenwold Encounter EX5

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